Custom Screen Printing

Custom screen printing is all about making a personalized statement on your choice of apparel, bags or promotional products. If you are looking for a creative way to promote your business or event, you need to leverage the power of a custom screen printed t-shirt. Custom t-shirts, apparel and promotional products are some of the best ways to promote a business or event.

Bahama Joe's number one screen printed item is a basic t-shirt. Custom screen printed t-shirts are an easy way to advertise your business, brand or messaging, without braking the budget.

Custom screen printing can be applied to wide variety of industries and is perfect for all budgets. At Bahama Joe's, we cater to a large variety of industries that need custom screen printing. Some of our business customers include Restaurants, Marinas, Lawn Care, Sporting Teams, Clubs, and Schools.


Custom T-shirts and Custom Apparel

How you present yourself, business, or event is key to making a good first impression. You want to wear custom t-shirts and custom apparel that look good, feel good, and make a statement.


Top Selling Custom T-Shirts


At Bahama Joe’s, we understand you are investing in your business logo, design, or event and you expect custom t-shirts and custom apparel to reflect your brand, business, and event with quality. We have been working with local Savannah businesses and individuals to provide quality custom screen printed t-shirts and custom apparel for more than four decades.

Bahama Joe’s is in the business of producing quality custom screen printing t-shirts that will last for years. We offer thousands of products that can be custom screen printed, from t-shirts to dress shirts, to jackets to sweatshirts to bags.


How to get your custom screen printing order started today?

Bahama Joe's is ready to take your vision and turn it into a one-of-a-kind custom designs. Get your custom screen printed t-shirt today. Our process is easy and straight forward.

  1. Select a product. Bahama Joe’s offers thousands of products that can be custom screen printed. Select product(s) that will best showcase your business, brand, or event. Shop online or ask a customer service expert to help you.
  2. Create your custom screen printing design. Bahama Joe’s offers a full art department to help you with your custom screen printing design. Our experts help with art placement, sizing, image quality or create custom screen printing designs from scratch.
  3. Pick design location(s). This is a key step to making your vision complete. Select the best location to showcase your brand, logo or design. The most common custom apparel locations include full front, small left chest, right sleeve, and/or full back screen printing.  
  4. Proof your design. Bahama Joe’s will show you a digital proof of your custom screen print design before it is printed on the final products. This is the time to double check and finalize colors, design locations, and image quality.  
  5. Pick up your custom screen printed order. Your order is ready, on-time and without surprises because you have been working with our experts along the way! Now it’s time to share and wear your custom screen printed t-shirts. 

Start your custom screen printing order for custom t-shirts and custom apparel today. Order online, on the phone, or come by at our Savannah offices to make your selection.

Recommendation for Custom Screen Printing

Bahama Joe’s customer service experts recommend the following products for custom screen printing t-shirts, apparel, bags and promotional products.

Best Items for Custom Screen Printing


Why choose Bahama Joe's for your custom screen printing t-shirts?

Savannah’s custom screen printing experts

In 1977, Bahama Joe’s was founded as custom screen printing t-shirt company in Savannah, Georgia. We have grown without wavering our custom screen printing quality. Our custom screen printing facility offers over 10,000 sq ft of custom screen printing work space, with best in class equipment.

Bahama Joe’s has produced more than 3.5 million custom screen printed t-shirt orders in the last couple of years --making Bahama Joe’s the leading custom t-shirt provider in the Savannah area. We maintain a business model that specializes in personal customer service, custom t-shirts and dependable production times.

Through the years, Bahama Joe’s has perfected the custom screen printing process from ordering to delivery. We work with customers to select quality products within their budget, to produce custom screen printed t-shirts with deigns that reflect their vision and to delivery of all orders on-time.

What once started out as a single person operation has become Savannah’s most trusted custom t-shirt and custom apparel provider among local businesses owners. Bahama Joe’s is a name you can entrust your creative vision, to produce quality custom screen printing designs that you will be proud to share and wear for your business, or events.

Each custom screen printing order is important to Bahama Joe’s and we showcase that daily by providing personal customer service, quality products, and attention to detail. We allow our customers the opportunity to build designs and logos with our in-house art department, and proof custom screen print samples before production.

We value our customers opinions and their overall level of satisfaction. We make sure our customers are proud of their vision and final custom screen printing products.